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Hill Country Randonneurs is an organization to promote randonneuring throughout central Texas.   Come join us for some great scenery, enjoyable company, and pleasurable rides.  

2014 is a pre-PBP year. While the method of selecting entries is still up in the air and, most likely
everyone who qualifies will get it, it is likely that your longest brevet in 2014 will be
used to determine your priority for the 2015 PBP entry. HCR will be offering a full ACP series
this year.

We welcome beginners, so if you are thinking of trying randonneuring, come on out. Your first ride is free!

Note: All HCR rides are open to members and non-members alike. Same day signups are allowed.

2014 Ride Schedule:

Distance Date Start Time Brevet Type
200k 1/18/2014 7am ACP
200k 2/8/2014 7am ACP
300k 2/8/2014 7am Pedernales Double Century - ACP
200k 3/29/2014 6am ACP
300k 3/29/2014 6am ACP
400k 3/29/2014 6am ACP
400k 4/26/2014 6am ACP
600k 4/26/2014 6am ACP
200k 12/6/2014 7am RUSA

To learn more about randonnering, try the Randonneurs USA website.